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Covenant Community Church is a local, temporal and visible expression of the universal, eternal and invisible Christian Church.  As a result, Covenant Community Church lives to glorify Christ by making disciples who are growing in relationship with God in worship, then with the church in fellowship, and with the world in witness.

Our community exists to carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ by saying and doing what Jesus said and did. To that end we will help people form a Biblical, spiritual connection with God, develop loving relationships with other people and be involved in great causes for the kingdom of God.

Covenant Community Church is committed to a high view of Holy Scripture and a high view of Jesus Christ.  Our theology is strongly influenced by the Reformation.  Our worship atmosphere seeks to be warm and intergenerational ranging from the latest praise and worship music to the grand, old hymns of the Church.  Above all, we believe that it is our highest privilege to glorify God in all that we are and all that we do.  This and this alone, allows us to enjoy God not only now but for ever and ever!


The Church is Watered Plenteously by the Blood of Saints
Reach out to those who are suffering for the cause of Christ

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